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DONALD T. MacCLELLAN Scholarship Criteria


ASHRAE is a society of HVAC&R professionals and the Donald T. MacClellan scholarship has been established to encourage and assist those entering the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) profession.  Don MacClellan served the engineering and HVAC&R professions as well as the ASHRAE Society tirelessly for many years.  At the word of his passing, the Bluegrass Chapter of ASHRAE established this scholarship in his name.

The Donald T. MacClellan Scholarship in the amount of $500 is awarded annually and is available to anyone entering or currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in engineering, science, or engineering technology in which the student is pursuing a course of study which traditionally has been a preparatory curriculum for a career in HVAC&R.  We strongly encourage anyone interested to apply.  Too apply for the scholarship please visit the ASHRAE chapter website: http://www.bluegrassashrae.org/. Anyone who has questions should email the student activities chair. Science, technology, and math teachers should consider using this application as an incentive to promote student research on energy conservation by their senior high school students.

Judging for the scholarship will be weighted as noted on the application.  However, the successful applicant must meet the following criterion. 

The Student Activities Chairperson(s) will work with the Bluegrass Chapter Scholarship Review Committee and Board of Governors in the selection of the successful applicant.

Documentation will be sent to the recipient’s place of residence and the scholarship will be awarded at the most appropriate awards ceremony venue.  The recipient must be present at the awards ceremony and/or Bluegrass ASHRAE Chapter’s May program in order to receive the scholarship.  A check in the full amount will be sent to the school of the applicant’s choice on behalf of the applicant.  Any coordination necessary will be made with the school’s financial aid or scholarship coordination department.  Please also note that this scholarship is a one-time award and is not recurring.


To submit a scholarship application please use our online submission form.

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