Student Activities

The Bluegrass Chapter is always very involved with students of all ages in the local area.  If you have information on a community event that would benifit from ASHRAE participation, or would like to get involved with us we'd love to here from you.  This year the position of Student Activities Chair is shared by two co-chairs.  Andrew Jenkins and Jonathon Puckett.  You may contact Andrew or Jonathon at student-activities@bluegrassashrae.org.

Join us at the Univeristy of Kentucky College of Engineering E-Day Open House!

We'll be represented as well as dozens of other exhibitors!  Visit the E-Day Home for more information.

Southern Middle School Career Fair

Andrew and Jonathan visited Southern Middle School in Lexington on Feb 3 to participart in their career fair.  The students visited various career booths to learn about different fields including information on:  educational requirements, starting salary, type of work, and likes/dislikes.  Pictures are below.

Visit to Southern Middle School   Visit to Southern Middle School


Each year the Bluegrass chapter offers the Donald T. MacClellan Scholarship to area students.  You can access information about the scholarship at Donald T. MacClellan Scholarship.  In addition to the local scholarship, there are scholarships and grants offered by ASHRAE at the society level.  You can view the full list of scholarships and grants ASHRAE offers at the Scholarships and Grants page.

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