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Meeting Title: February 2017 Chapter Meeting
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Doing More With Less

Water based systems have a long history of use in HVAC and provide many benefits; however, most of these systems are still being used as they were over 60 years ago.  Water has a high affinity for energy and we should be using it in a much wiser fashion.  This presentation will illustrate how to use water based systems to transfer energy more efficiently, save operational expense, help control systems operate with greater ease, and open other benefits to the overall building design and operation. 


1. Introduction 

2. Review the properties of water and energy transfer 

3. Review of control valve operation 

4. Review hydronic pump operation 

5. Illustrate the differences of low delta systems verse higher delta systems 

6. Illustrate other benefits due to changes in supply and return water temperatures

About the Speaker

Doug Zentz

Douglas F. Zentz, Associate Professor, is the Program Coordinator for the HVACR Programs within the College of Engineering Technology at Ferris State University. He received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University in 1980 and his Master degree in Career and Technical Education from Ferris State University in 2007. He is a past President of West Michigan ASHRAE, a past RVC of Student Activities for Region V, and past Chair for Student Activities within ASHRAE.

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program

The ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program began in Society Year 1996-97. The purpose of the program is to provide ASHRAE Chapters with lecturers equipped to speak on relevant subjects of interest to ASHRAE members and guests without incurring huge costs. The Distinguished Lecturer Program is supervised by the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee. For the 2016-17 Society Year, 195 visits are allocated to the 14 ASHRAE Regions. The CTTC Regional Vice Chair for each Region allocates visits to the Chapters.

Meeting Start: Feb. 8, 2017, noon
Meeting End: Feb. 8, 2017, 1 p.m.
Location Details:http://www.bluegrassashrae.org/events-schedule/meeting-locations/barrel-house/
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