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Meeting Title: What's Your EUI?
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Energy Efficiency related to commercial buildings is being analyzed by the DOE in a way to establish benchmarking for different building types within different climate zones. This has lead to average building energy footprint figures for most commercial buildings, yet the industry is now aware of how this new benchmarking will affect buildings and their lifecycle. This presentation explains the complicated process of overall building energy efficiency, how this relates to DOE standards, and how this is related to other elements including potential Carbon Indexing (or Carbon Taxation). Closely tied to this discussion will be a brief connection to ASHRAE Standard 189.1 due to the characteristics of this standard and its impact on EUI. 

About the speaker

Douglas F Zentz

Douglas Zentz

Douglas F. Zentz, Associate Professor, is the Program Coordinator for the HVACR Programs within the College of Engineering Technology at Ferris State University. He received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University in 1980 and his Master degree in Career and Technical Education from Ferris State University in 2007. He is a past President of West Michigan ASHRAE, a past RVC of Student Activities for Region V, and is the current Vice Chair for Student Activities within ASHRAE.

In the field of HVACR, his background includes professional engineering sales for the Trane Company, manager of engineering-design-build for W.J. O’Neil Company in Detroit, and vice-president of engineering for EPPA-Strand Custom Air Handling in Detroit. This experience started in 1980 and continued until his transformation into teaching at Ferris State University in 2003

Meeting Start: Jan. 8, 2014, noon
Meeting End: Jan. 8, 2014, 1 p.m.
Location Details:http://www.bluegrassashrae.org/events-schedule/meeting-locations/campbell-house-lexington/
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