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Meeting Title: Combined Heat and Power
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Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power is the simultaneous and sequential use of power and heat from the same fuel source. This presentation will explain ways to utilize heat that would otherwise be wasted in order to lower utility bills, increase equipment efficiency, improve reliability, and lower a facility’s carbon footprint.

Tracy Knapp tracy_knapp@whayne.com

Tracy Knapp is the Commercial Business Manager at Whayne Power Systems the Caterpillar Dealer for all of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Meeting Start: March 6, 2013, noon
Meeting End: March 6, 2013, 1 p.m.
Location Details:http://www.bluegrassashrae.org/events-schedule/meeting-locations/campbell-house-lexington/
See above link for details of meeting location.
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